GKU D500 Dual 4K+2.5K WiFi GPS Dash Cam

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Discover the Ultimate Driving Companion: GKU 4K Dash Cam with Advanced Features for Safety and Convenience

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    Discover the Ultimate Driving Companion: GKU 4K Dash Cam with Advanced Features for Safety and Convenience

    2.4" IPS Display:

    The high-resolution 2.4-inch IPS display offers a clear, vivid preview of your recorded footage, making it easy to review and navigate through video files directly on the dash cam.

    Crystal Clear Footage

    With our 4K front and 2.5K rear dash cam, you can capture every moment of your journey in stunning detail. Surpassing traditional 1080P dash cams, our high-resolution camera offers exceptional clarity, making it effortless to discern road signs and other critical details.

    Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface:

    The dash cam's compact design and straightforward installation process, which includes a suction cup mounting system that is easy to remove, make it a breeze to set up in your vehicle. Additionally, the intuitive user interface ensures hassle-free operation and quick access to essential features, allowing you to drive with peace of mind and capture important moments on the road.


    Seamless Video Access: Enjoy Convenient and Quick Wi-Fi Connectivity for Your Dash Cam Footage

    Wi-Fi Connectivity:

    Effortlessly transfer and view dash cam footage on your smartphone using the integrated Wi-Fi feature, ensuring seamless access to your recordings whenever you need them.


    With the GPS Player, you can easily review your driving route, speed, and location with just a few clicks. With GPS integration, you can rest assured that you have accurate and reliable information about your driving, making it an essential tool for safety driving.

    Easy file sharing:

    The Wi-Fi connectivity, user-friendly app, and seamless data transfer enable you to effortlessly share your dash cam footage with others, whether you're presenting evidence of an incident or sharing memorable road trip videos.


    Ultimate Road Safety Solution: Advanced Dual Dash Cam with Loop Recording, G-Sensor, and Wide-Angle Coverage

    Double the Protection:

    Our dash cam's high-definition capabilities and dual recording feature ensure that you capture every detail on the road. Advanced sensors and lens technology effortlessly record license plates and road signs, providing crucial evidence in case of an accident. Enjoy peace of mind and confidence while driving, thanks to crystal clear footage and easy access to your data.

    Loop Recording & G-Sensor

    With loop recording, the device overwrites the oldest footage when the memory card is full, while the G-sensor automatically detects collisions and locks the current video file to protect important evidence. These features provide an efficient and reliable way to capture and safeguard critical footage.

    Experience Comprehensive Coverage:

    Provides a remarkable 170° front and 140° rear view, ensuring that you capture every moment of your journey. The wide-angle lens delivers a clearer and more encompassing picture of the road ahead and behind you.


    Effortless Data Transfer

    Simply use a type C cable to connect your dash cam to your computer or other device, with no card reader required. This streamlined process saves you time and hassle, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly access and share your footage with ease. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of card readers and enjoy the benefits of our hassle-free transmission system.

    Drive Safe Day and Night

    Drive with ultimate clarity and confidence, day or night, with a dash cam that boasts superior night vision and 4K Ultra High Definition capabilities. Advanced sensors and lens technology ensure that crystal-clear footage is captured in stunning 4K detail (3840×2160 @30FPS), providing you with essential details such as license plates and other critical information.

    Supercapacitor-enhanced Durability

    Featuring a supercapacitor instead of a lithium battery, our dash cam aims to provide reliable performance in extreme temperatures from -4°F to 158°F, contributing to enhanced durability and an extended device lifespan for consistent use.


    24-Hour Parking Monitor

    The car dash camera supports 24/7 parking monitoring with time-lapse mode. By activating this function when parking, the on-board dash camera will start recording as soon as it detects a vibration or attack. With this feature, you can rest assured that your vehicle is under constant surveillance, and any incidents will be captured for protection. Please note that a hardwire kit(not included) is required for this feature.

    WDR Feature Ensures Clear Footage

    The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature found in our dash cam is an advanced solution to uneven lighting conditions on the road. Overexposed or underexposed images can be a significant problem when driving, but WDR solves this issue by using sophisticated image processing algorithms that balance exposure to create clear and detailed video footage, even in challenging lighting conditions. With WDR, every moment of your journey is captured clearly, regardless of lighting conditions.

    Up to 512GB Storage Supported

    Approximate Recording Time for 4K Video:

    512GB: 1042 minutes (17h 22m)

    256GB: 521 minutes (8h 41m)

    128GB: 260 minutes (4h 20m)

    64GB: 130 minutes (2h 10m)

    32GB: 65 minutes (1h 5m)

    Please note that these estimates are approximate and may vary due to factors like video resolution, compression settings, and scene motion.


    Technical details :

    • Front cam:  4.0 megapixels sensor / 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160 @30FPS) / View angle: 170 degree
    • Rear cam:  2.0 megapixels sensor / 2.5K High Definition (2560×1440 @30FPS) / View angle: 140 degrees
    • Aperture:  F1.8
    • Video Locking:  3-axis G-sensor
    • GPS:  Built-in GPS Tracker
    • Power Connector:  USB Type-C
    • Power Input:  Attached Car Charger / USB-C Hardwire Kit (Not Included)
    • Video Format:  H.265; MOV video format
    • Supercapacitor:  Built-in; 3.5F
    • Storage:  U3 or above Mirco SD; supports up to 512GB
    • Operating Temperature:  -20℃ to +70℃ (non-condensing)
    • Storage Temperature: - 30℃ to +80℃ (non-condensing)
    • Note:  Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Card for 4K Video is required

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Jansen Lim
    GKU D500

    Just received this dash cam GKU D500 from GKUTECH. It is a very high quality dash cam. The reason for buying this is I am also using a GKU M22. Videos are of high quality, particularly from the D500 which has resolution of 4K + 2.5K.
    The support from I got from GKUTECH is awesome.
    I highly recommend GKU dash cams.
    Note : Thanks guys for your fast response to my emails.